• The Woman’s Club of Pewaukee Bylaws is the ruling document for the Woman’s Club of
    Pewaukee and is found on this website.

    The Policies and Procedures Handbook (P&P) was established by the Board of Directors as a
    supplement to the Bylaws and not to supersede or exceed the terms in the Bylaws.  The P&P is subject to amendment by the Board of Directors.  Any additions, revisions or removals will be shared with the membership.

    In very limited instances, language from the Bylaws has been included. However, in the majority of situations, you will need to consult the Club’s Bylaws.

    The first link below contains a standard “Table of Contents” that uses pages numbers to locate a particular topic.

    The second link provides the title of the topic and an immediate link to the appropriate page by clicking on the title.

    WCP Policy Handbook-numbers_3-29-21

    WCP Policy Handbook_electronic_3-29-21