• Community Service Programs and Chairpersons

    Arts & Culture – The GFWC Arts Department provides a framework for club women to pursue a variety of artistic interests which educate their communities about the important role art plays in our lives. Eileen Jarosz, Mary Ann Schmaling and Cam Strom

    Environment  – The GFWC Conservation Department motivates club women across the U.S. to establish, implement, maintain, and preserve the earth’s natural resources. Lori Seeboth

    Education & Library – The GFWC Education Department encourages club women to create learning opportunities for our members and our communities, to support local libraries, and continue the pursuit of lifelong learning. Ginny Lockman and Jeanie Matkin

    Health & Wellness – The GFWC Health & Wellness Department (formerly the Home Life Department) is a compilation of programs geared to acquaint members with contemporary issues from social security information to women’s health programs.  Andrea Bartels, Kris Dekarske and Kathy Fulton

    Civic Engagement & Outreach – The aim of the GFWC Civic Engagement & Outreach (an expansion of our former Public Issues Department) is to heighten community awareness of critical issues such as violence prevention, community safety, citizen responsibilities, and the importance of community partnerships.  Additionally, this department is our leadership arm for the club’s participation in “Pewaukee Dementia Friendly Community Initiative.”
    Cynthia Day Campbell with Abby Lorenz

    Special Projects and Standing Committees – The GFWC Special Projects & Standing Committees are a collection of unique GFWC entities.  GFWC Woman’s Club of Pewaukee 120th Anniversary Razzle Dazzle October 2024-More details to come