• If you enjoy the outdoors and critters small and smaller give the Environmental group a try.  We test the water environment going into and out of Pewaukee lake.  One aspect of what we look for is we inspect the small critters (BUGS) living in the water to help determine the quality of the water for aquatic life. Yes women are wearing waders.

    During the year the group also does projects for Retzer’s Nature Center and a fun art project like trying alcohol ink or glass fusing.

    Schedule for 2021

    Thursday May 20, 9am  Coco Creek HWY JJ
    Monday June 21, 9am Coco Creek HWY JJ     lunch and pontoon boat ride at Seeboth’s following water testing.
    Tuesday July 20, 9am  Coco Creek HWY JJ    lunch and pontoon boat ride at Seeboth’s following water testing (capacity 7 guests)
    Saturday Aug 7, 11am Retzer Nature center WAV appreciation lunch  with a dragonfly program with Julia Robson, Conservation Biologist
    Monday Aug 23, 9am Coco Creek HWY JJ    Rain Date no actually Wind Date 37MPH for boat ride in June. (capacity 7 guests)
    Tuesday Sept 21, 9am Coco Creek HWY JJ

    If you are interested contact
    Lori Seeboth  at lori@amcarbon.com

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    This is How the Environment Committee of GFWC WCP Celebrates Arbor Day 2019 (GFWC-WI President’s Initiative)

    Members of the Environment Committee donated and planted 6 Linden trees at the Retzer Nature Center in Waukesha – October 2019


    GFWC WCP  Learns About Beekeeping

    On April 18th, 2019 the Chair of the Conservation Committee of the GFWC Woman’s Club of Pewaukee, Dr. Alexandra Lerch-Gaggl, talked about her experiences as a honeybee keeper in Waukesha County. She started raising bees in 2016 and has since shared her expertise with other bee and pollinator enthusiasts.
    Her presentation drew a full circle of beekeeping history, from honey bee keeping in Ancient Egypt to honey gatherers in today’s Himalayan region. The audience also learned about the social structure of a bee colony and was introduced to highly complex bee brain structures, their behavior, and current scientific bee studies.

    The presentation finished with a sweet treat of last year’s honey harvest.

    A big Thank You goes to the Ellenbecker Investment Group in Pewaukee who provided their wonderful Education Center for this event.