• The goal of our committee is to provide information to our members of timely health issues of interest, financial information, cautionary wellness concerns, home safety issues, as well as events of interests in our area.  We are also always interested in service projects using our talents to help the community.

    We have previously knit/crocheted and provided red baby hats for the NICU through the American Heart Association.  In 2019 they had an overabundance of hats, but a member’s church needed handmade items, so we continued knitting/crocheting and donated our items to the church.  During committee reports that were part of our meetings at the time, we presented information on various subjects of interest to our members.  In 2020 due to COVID, our activities were curtailed but we were able to sponsor a one time “Great Birthday Bag Bash” following one of our meetings.  Members were invited to bring various items to provide a birthday party of a child in need such as a cake mix, frosting, party hats, decorations, etc.  Following the meeting, the group assembled twelve birthday bags and donated them to the Pewaukee Food Pantry so that they could be given to a family in need of making their child have a happy day.

    Providing committee information during committee reports at our monthly meeting is a good time to find out “what’s going on” in the club.  We look forward to searching for pertinent information to pass along as well as group projects.  We welcome suggestions from members and will evaluate and submit them to the Executive Board for approval.  We presently scan the internet for appropriate projects that our members may enjoy keeping in mind that service should always be in the forefront.  Some ideas we are discussing are contacting the American Heart Association to see if they can again accept NICU baby hats; club members participating as a group to support cancer survivors such as a relay walk by getting sponsors to pledge dollars per mile; forming an organized walking club; white elephant sale to replace the raffles portion of a monthly meeting.  These are just ideas for further discussion.  We look forward to your ideas.

    -Karen Merz & Sue Atherton,
    Chairs of the Health and Wellness Committee

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    GFWC-WI Award 2020

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