• CONGRATULATIONS to all our awardees!

    Report from Sue Goldstone (5/17/21)

    The GFWC Woman’s Club of Pewaukee did very well in the 2021 GFWC-WI State Convention’s Member Art Contest.  This year the judges allowed two entries in the same category due to there being no contest last year.  Entries that won ribbons were:

    Card Making   –   1st Place:                Sue Atherton
    Holiday Decorations  –  1st Place:    Carol Brinkman
    Stained Glass    –  3rd Place:              Carol Brinkman
    Basket Weaving  –  1st Place:             Geri Coen
    Quilting    –   1st Place:                        Dona Fabyan
    Applique   –   1st Place:                        Dona Fabyan
    Card Making  –   3rd Place:                Pat Gallagher
    Painting   –   2nd Place:                       Linda Kowalweski
    Knitting   –  1st Place:                          Besmi Kranick
    Miscellanous   –  1st Place:                 Nancy Niedziela
    Counting Cross Stitch –  2nd Place: Nancy Niedziela
    Home Décor    –  2nd Place:               Mary Jo Powers
    Fad Art   – 2nd Place:                          Mary Jo Powers 







    GFWC-WI award Certificate 2020

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