• This year the GFWC Woman’s Club of Pewaukee (GFWC WCP) along with the Pewaukee Area Arts Council (PAAC) will hold the local Helen Farnsworth Mears Art Contest for middle school students in our community. Artwork is displayed and judged at the Pewaukee Public Library. The GFWC WCP hosts a reception for students, family, and teachers with punch and cookies in the Community room of the Pewaukee Public Library.

    Club women are encouraged to share their artistic talents by participating in the Member Arts and Crafts Contest at the Rolling Hills District meeting and the GFWC-WI State Convention. The contest is open to all members and specific details can be found in your Membership Booklet and the GFWC-WI website. There are dozens of art categories, including photography!  Get creative and share your art with others to make our world a brighter happier place.

    If you are interested in attending an event related to Arts and Culture, please contact Eileen Jarosz. We will gladly look into group rates to attend a concert, play or other special event related to the arts in our community.


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    GFWC WCP Club Members Win at GFWC-WI State Convention Member Art Contest- May 2022

    GFWC WCP Club Members and PAHS Students Win BIG at Rolling Hills District Meeting – April 2022

    CONGRATULATIONS to all our awardees!

    Report from Sue Goldstone (5/17/21)

    The GFWC Woman’s Club of Pewaukee did very well in the 2021 GFWC-WI State Convention’s Member Art Contest.  This year the judges allowed two entries in the same category due to there being no contest last year.  Entries that won ribbons were:

    Card Making   –   1st Place:                Sue Atherton
    Holiday Decorations  –  1st Place:    Carole Brinkman
    Stained Glass    –  3rd Place:              Carol eBrinkman
    Basket Weaving  –  1st Place:             Geri Coen
    Quilting    –   1st Place:                        Dona Fabyan
    Applique   –   1st Place:                        Dona Fabyan
    Card Making  –   3rd Place:                Pat Gallagher
    Painting   –   2nd Place:                       Linda Kowalewski
    Knitting   –  1st Place:                          Bezmi Kranick
    Miscellanous   –  1st Place:                 Nancy Niedziela
    Counting Cross Stitch –  2nd Place: Nancy Niedziela
    Home Décor    –  2nd Place:               Mary Jo Powers
    Fad Art   – 2nd Place:                          Mary Jo Powers 







    GFWC-WI award Certificate 2020

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