• GFWC-WI Received a Nice Array of Awards at the International Convention, June 2023

    Message relayed from Nancy Dickman, GFWC-WI State President

    * GFWC-WI received the Outstanding Achievement in Leadership Award (committee chair: Deb Brossard)

    * Suz Hooser was awarded the Platinum level Millie Crom Award for Excellence in Junior State Leadership as State Director of Junior Clubs.

    * GFWC Lakeside Juniorettes received Outstanding Achievement in Juniorette Club Participation

    * GFWC Brown Deer Junior Woman’s Club was awarded First Place in the Club Website Contest

    * Writing Contest Award to Riley Jae Johnson of Rhinelander

    2022 GFWC-WI State Convention, Sheboygan

    We broke another record this year: Our Club received 18 awards, the most ever!

    Our Club website and newsletters have been awarded “Best Overall” by the Communications and Public Relations Committee (Chair: Missy Kimball)

    Civic Engagement and Outreach

    Best Overall in Category 1

    Communication and Public Relations


    Single Best Project in Category 1: “Learning About Environment”

    Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

    Single Best in Category 1

    Barb Butler – Star Level
    Mary Dietz – Star Level
    Fran Holloway – Torch Level, 1st and 2nd Century Level
    Alexandra Lerch-Gaggl – Member Level
    Nancy Niedziela – Third Century Level

    Fundraising and Development

    GFWC-WI President’s Theme Emphasis Project, Mental Health Awareness

    Junior Special Program, Advocates for Children


    Woman’s History and Resource Center, 1734 Society


    2021 GFWC-WI State Convention, Wausau

    Click on the Committee links below for more info.

    GFWC-WI President’s Theme Emphasis Project: Mental Health Awareness – Best Overall

    Category I
    “Taking Care of Caregivers”

    Arts and Culture – Single Best Project

    Category I
    “Doing Art Together” (Glass fusion workshop)

    Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

    Category I – Single Best
    Five club members reported on 189 books with 2,640 hours. One new Pledge Level Candidate.

    Individual Awards:
    Barb Butler:                         Fulfilled the requirements for Member Level
    Nancy Niedziela:               Fulfilled the requirements for 2nd Century Level
    Alexandra Lerch-Gaggl: Fulfilled the requirements for Pledge Level


    2020 GFWC-WI State Convention Awards

    Click on the Committee links below for more info.

    Conservation – Best Overall Project Award

    Category I – Clubs with 30 or more members
    5 projects, 24 members, $4,000 donated


    Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO)

    Category I – Best Overall Winner
    Most Books Read in 2019: 144 books, 959.55 hours

    Individual Awards:
    Barb Butler:
              Fulfilled the requirements for Pledge Level
    Mary Dietz:           Fulfilled the requirements for Member Level
    Fran Holloway:    Fulfilled the requirements fro ESP Star Level
    Nancy Niedziela: Fulfilled the requirements for Torch Level and 1st Century Level

    Public Issues – Best Single Project

    Category I – Clubs with 30 and more members
    “Bell Tower Memorial Project”



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